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  1. My Last Immersion (For Now)

    I love everything about the mikveh – the warm waters, the transitions and transformations, the healing and hope.

    Originally published on the Mayyim Hayyim Blog 11/25/2015

  2. Tikvah (Hope) in the Mikveh

    While it hasn’t always been easy, I’ve spent most of my married life attending the local mikveh in my small town.

    Originally published on the Mayyim Hayyim Blog 11/13/2013

  3. Eating With Intention

    Keeping a kosher home can enhance a family’s experience of Judaism; it can become a meaningful expression of eating with intention.

    Originally published on Matan Kids 3/30/2016

  4. Will You Love My Son?

    I suppose it’s every mother’s dream and nightmare all tied together in one shiny package: that one day someone might love her son (insert “daughter” here if it applies!) enough to capture his heart. We worry that our son might return this person’s affections, loving us a bit less, or a bit differently.

    Originally published by The Ruderman Foundation 11/20/2014

  5. 5 Ways to Raise a Jew-By-Choice

    Remember those peanut butter commercials from the 90’s that told us “choosy moms choose Jif”? What does it mean to be “choosy”? Choice is not just about having options; it’s about exploring, engaging, and eventually committing to something that is meaningful.

    Originally published on Kveller 6/10/2016

  6. What Happens When a Rabbi Goes to a Guns N’ Roses Concert

    I was 13 when a boy in 7th grade introduced me to the metal band Guns N’ Roses. Before long, my room was plastered with pinups from Heavy Metal magazine and Hit Parader. I was obsessed.

    Originally published on Kveller 7/22/2016

  7. So, What Exactly Is Tisha B’Av?

    If you ever attended a Jewish camp, you might remember this day as one that lasted forever and left a sour taste (food pun intended) in your mouth.

  8. Why I’ll Send My Son with Fragile X to School on Sukkot

    I am sending my 5-year-old son to school on the holy days of Sukkot. It will be the first time we’ve ever done this, and the decision is killing me.

    Originally published on Kveller 10/14/2016

  9. How Headphones Literally Saved My Son with Fragile X During a Family Outing

    We got out of our car at the aquarium, and before we even reached the entrance, I knew we had made a mistake.

    Originally published on Kveller 1/3/2017

  10. My Son Has Fragile X Syndrome–And a Surprising Connection to Prayer

    When my son wakes up in the morning, he immediately asks for two things. First, he needs his chart, a small white board with two strips of Velcro and tiny laminated pictures that he organizes with his morning routine. Second, he needs his “benscher book,” the once-beautiful-now-torn-and-chewed-and-duct-taped book of Jewish songs and prayers that we gave to guests at our wedding long before our son was a twinkle in my eye.

    Originally published on Kveller 2/26/2015